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Links to Reliable Websites

Flax Council Of Canada


a good source of information about flax, growth, harvest, health, and evidence-based research data. 

Manitoba Flax Growers Association

Provide flax growers information needed to make flax a sustainable profitable crop.  They collaborate with SFDC and Flax Council of Canada to support and promote research and information sharing. There are some good information that anyone can learn about flax. Check out their recipes.

Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission (SFDC)

Representing flax growing, they invest in research, communication, and market facilitation of flax to ensure its quality. 

Healthy Flax Org is the source of information on the health benefits and uses of whole flaxseed, ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil. The website includes recipes, nutritional evidence, facts and news about flaxseed in all its forms. is supported by Canada's flax growers, processors, food manufacturers and governments.

Flax – A Health and Nutrition Primer 

  by Diane H. Morris, PhD, Fourth Edition, 2007

  An evidence based book on flax and its health benefits.

Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Adults and Infants 

 by Diane H. Morris, PhD


The evidence

Should you be interested in reading the scientific evidence, then you can start with systematic reviews in quality review databases such as Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR). You will find articles on omega-3 and health; however, it may not be specific to flax. Therefore, if you are interested in the overall effect of omega-3 and health, then start by CDSR then proceed to PubMed systematic reviews, then followed by PubMed Health or related databases that search published studies. 

Some examples that you may want to try in PubMed include "flaxseed AND cardiovascular health". You could also include "flaxseed OR flax AND cardiovascular health". By including the different ways to write the word flax, you may increase the number of articles that you find. After searching through the general PubMed databases, you may want to target your searches in PubMed Health. This database looks into the questions, "What works?" in the medical and health fields. Try searching "flaxseed AND blood lipids".