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Black Cherry Juice Frozen Ice Treats


  • 15 mL Black Cherry Juice Concentrate.
  • 500 mL water. 
  • Berries (e.g. blueberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries)
  • Ice treat trays or small cups with wooden sticks.


  • in a bottle, add 15 ml of Black Cherry Juice Concentrate into 500 mL water. Mix well. 
  • add in your favourite berries. 
  • mix well and pour into trays or small cups with the sticks. 
  • put in the freezer until set or frozen.  


Fruit Location:
  • add the diluted Black Juice Concentrate to a small cup.
  • add fruits to the top and put a stick in the middle and freeze. 
  • You can try placing the fruit first then the diluted mix to see where the fruits will freeze in the frozen ice treat. 

To add nutrients to the frozen ice treats, add

  • cooked and chopped kale.
  • yogurt.


Optimal dilution for frozen items is 15 ml of Black Cherry Juice Concentrate in 500 mL. A stronger or more concentrated solution may not freeze as solid.