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Black Cherry Juice Concentrate

Black Cherry Juice Concentrate:  


  • is a natural and cost effective alternative to soft drinks or artificial flavouring agents.

  • adds flavour to water without adding any salt or processing agents. 

  • undergoes limited transformation - juices are extracted or squeezed out of the fruit and put into bottles. 

  • a 500 ml juice concentrate bottle makes about 8.3 L to 16.7 L of drinks (based on 1-2 Tbsp of product added to 500 ml liquid). 

  • cost about $0.54 - $1.08 / 500 ml drink (based on $18 retail price).  

Background Info:

The benefit of drinking sufficient quantities of water has been well documented in the evidence-based literature. Some researchers found that water helps control blood pressure (1, 2, 3, 4, 56) . Other studies suggests that water plays a role in satiety and weight loss  (7, 8), proper brain function (9) mood and concentrations (10), as well as for many normal bodily functions (11). 

For some people, drinking the recommended amount may be daunting. However, adding flavour or a change in their drink, may help them increased their water intake. 

There are a variety of products available on the market including powder drink crystals, soft drinks, even juices. Many of these products contain added salts, sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processing agents. For people who are trying to limit their salt intakes or choose to have healthy alternatives, the Black Cherry Juice Concentrate may help you meet their needs. 

Our product is produced by squeezing the juice out of the fruit and keeping the concentrate. There are no chemical agents or salts used during the process. There are no added sugars or sweeteners. 

When you do a cost analysis, the Black Cherry Juice Concentrate may be more advantageous than buying the same amount of soft drinks or juice. For example,

if a 2 L soft drink costs $2. You would need to buy 8 x 2 L of soft drinks to equal the amount of liquids made with 1 bottle of juice concentrate. Therefore, you would pay $ 16 for 16 L of soft drinks, which contains carbonation, high concentrations of sugar / fructose / or high-fructose corn syrup.  


Furthermore, Black Cherry Juice Concentrate contains 0.7 % polyphenols.  


Why use this product?

When you want a different taste or add flavour to water or tea, this product provides a natural alternative to flavouring crystals.   

If you are looking for a way to:  

  • add flavour to water;
  • drink more water by adding flavour without adding salt or sugars; 
  • drink a healthy alternative to soft drinks with either lots of sugar or artificial sweetener.  


  • make a drink that taste similar to juice but at lower costs and adjusted to your taste preference. 

  • add a fruit flavour to salad dressings or smoothies, then try the Black Berry Juice Concentrate.

  • a 500 ml bottle will make over 8 300 ml or 8.3 L even up to 16 667 ml or 16.7 L when 15 ml is used. Thus, you are making  16.7 % to 33.3 % more drinks than the bottle you bought.  

How to use this product: 


  • add in water or teas. 

  • add in salad dressings to give a fruity flavour. 

  • add in smoothies or baked goods. 

  • make fruit flavour ice cubes. Dilute the product according to your preference and then freeze in ice cube tray. 

  • make frozen treat bye using your preferred dilution, adding fruit pieces, and freezing the mixture in an ice pop mold.