Gold Top Organics
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Gold Top Organics is proud of its organic status. We work diligently to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality possible. To ensure this, every product produced at Gold Top Organics is monitored through every process from the seeding of the grain to the final packaging of the finished item.

Each farmer that grows for Gold Top Organics is certified as an organic farming operation. They take the grain to be used as seed stock and send it for testing to ensure that it is G.M.O. (genetically modified organism) free. The grain is grown in compliance with organic regulations, i.e. no artificial pesticides or fertilizers can be used or be residual in the soil. When harvested, the seeds are taken in a certified clean transport to a local, certified organic, seed cleaning plant. The seed is again tested, to ensure there has been no G.M.O. cross-contamination. From the seed cleaner, the seed is transported in certified clean, sealed trucks to our facility, where it is augered into sealed bins for storage until processing.

As an organic manufacturer, Gold Top Organics is monitored and audited by a third party organization, to ensure we comply with all organic regulations. All steps of productions are evaluated from logging the arrival of the raw materials, to the processes used in the plant, and to the types of packaging and sanitation procedures we employ. We are required to demonstrate that we can trace any product at any point in the manufacture process, both forward to the finished product and in reverse to the farmer’s field. These procedures ensure that our customers are guaranteed the finest quality product available.

Our oils are unrefined and cold pressed at body temperature (i.e. considered cold pressed) to preserve the integrity of the nutritional and molecular structure of the oil. The oils are bottled in glass bottles with a special plunger under a cool atmosphere where oxygen is eliminated from the bottle; this preserves the freshness and taste of the oils until opened by our customers. Enjoy in good health.

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